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Hurricane Beryl has devastated the Caribbean, leaving thousands in dire need of immediate help. Homes are destroyed, power lines are down, and clean water is scarce. Families have lost everything, struggling for basic necessities like food and shelter. The region’s economy is in shambles, with tourism halted and agriculture ravaged. Every minute counts in this crisis. Your donation today – right now – can be the difference between life and death for those hit hardest. We urgently need funds for emergency shelter, food, water, and medical care. The situation is critical and deteriorating by the hour. Don’t wait – act now. Your generosity can save lives and help the Caribbean begin its long, difficult journey to recovery. Every dollar makes a difference. Please, donate immediately and help us respond to this catastrophic disaster.


In disaster relief situations, donating non-perishable foods is crucial for providing immediate and sustained support to affected communities. These foods have a long shelf life, are easy to transport and distribute, and require no refrigeration or special storage conditions. Common types of non-perishable foods suitable for donation include canned goods (such as vegetables, fruits, meats, and soups), dried foods (like pasta, rice, and beans), sealed packages of nuts and trail mix, peanut butter, powdered milk, and energy bars. These items provide essential nutrients and calories to sustain individuals and families during times of crisis when access to fresh food may be limited or impossible.


Dr. Sharon Wiles

Ambassador Dr. Sharon Wiles

Chaplain Colonel Officer, Humanitarian Activist, Recipient for the Joe Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards, at the Highest level in the USA for Volunteer work, Singer/Songwriter/ Church Administrator for 18 churches in Kenya, Africa & HR Manager in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Ambassador Dr. Sharon Wiles is a native of Jamaica born in Mandeville, Manchester. She started singing at an early age of four years old in concerts and church rallies. At the age of twelve Sharon surrendered her life to the Lord then moved to Edgewater Portmore, Saint Catherine where she attended the Faith Temple New Testament Church of God and became a member of the Youth Choir, Praise Team and drama group. She travelled throughout the regions of Jamaica with Bishop Dr. W. A. Blair singing in Conventions, tent revivals and rallies, she was also a lead singer for the Children of Light Gospel Group and participated in the Youth for Christ events for many years.

Dr. Sharon Wiles graduated from Mona High School, then immediately started fashion school where she quickly became one of the instructors. Her sharp skills and talent landed her to becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 18, she started sewing for member of the youth for Christ, church choirs, school uniforms, bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses.

She continued to further her studies at the College of Arts Science and Technology in Business Management, then later expanded to owning a garment factory and screen printing business with her own clothing line Sharon’s Fashion, sewing t-shirts and jumpsuits printed with her own designs and distributed to Craft Markets throughout Jamaica, in 1989 hundreds of Jamaicans were seen wearing Sharon’s Clothing at the Jamaica Independence celebration in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where she was highlighted for her unique designs, an Entrepreneur at heart.

She started traveling internationally in the 80’s to countries including the United States, Canada, Cuba, and Grand Cayman, ministering at concerts, Revivals, Churches, weddings, and banquets. Sharon has shared stage with well-known artists such as Donnie Mc Clurkin, Kirk Franklin, Ce Ce Winans, Shirley Caesar, Lynda Randle,Vickie Winans, Martha Manizzi, Helen Baylor, Byron Cage, Beverly Crawford, Canton Jones, Ron Kenoly, Johnathan Nelson, Karen Clarke Sheard, Israel Houghton, Tye Tribbet, James Fortune, The Chitans Singers, Carlene Davis, Chevelle Franklin, Ambassador Stitchie, Kevin Downswell, Papa San, Kevin Heath just to name a few.

The Caribbean Music Awards presented Sharon Wiles with the honor of being the 2010 Female Artist of the year and she continues to excel by winning her second award for the best adapted reggae song of the year “God Can” from her debut album It’s Not Over, presented to her by the prestigious Marlin Awards in Nassau Bahamas of which she was a four-time nominee. In 2014 she won the International Reggae World Music Awards for the best gospel reggae song “Hold On” and was two times nominee in 2016. She won the Musical Ambassador & Leadership Award for community service and reggae song of the month in May 2016. In June, July and December 2017, she won three Humanitarian Awards. October 2018, she won three Humanitarian Awards and was nominated in the UK for the best radio host. In 2018 she got a True Worshipper Award, 2018 -2019 she won Best Actress in the Supporting Role “Mother Welch” from the Real-Life Production Awards. In 2020 she was awarded the Woman of Influence. Sharon has performed in the Cobb Theater in Atlanta and the former Sunrise Musical Theater in You’re Never Alone
and Double Twisted Life stage plays.
Sharon was nominated in the 2021 by the International Reggae World Music Awards for the Marcus Garvey Humanitarian Award, and later awarded by the Great Achievers International Organization in Spain for Humanitarian for the year.

July 26, 2022 she was awarded by the Ministry of Health in Jamaica for her outstanding service and contribution during the pandemic. September 27, 2022 she was the recipient for the Myles Monroe Global Humanitarian Award. On May 19th 2023 she received the State Attorney’s Award in Washington, DC. On July 15, 2023. August 22, 2023 she received the Global Impact Awards in Nigeria, Africa.

Dr. Wiles is a dedicated global Chaplain, philanthropist, humanitarian activist helping many less fortunate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where she resides, she also provides medical equipment, medical supplies, diapers, food, clothing also yearly medical clinics in Central America, health fair and active feeding program in Manchester, Jamaica, In the Philippines feeding over 700 children monthly, and now have a rapid growing ministry in Kenya, Africa, The Sharon Wiles Foundation mission team recently visited Kenya and fed close to 8000 children and adults & made history in the Masaai Village by putting clean running water for the first time, she also sits on a global committee for mission in Nigeria, Africa.

Dr. Wiles is the founder of Sharon Wiles Foundation, Jamaica Community Development Network, Global Mission Outreach Network, Global Sister 2 Sister Support Network connecting globally feeding the mind, body & soul, mentoring young people globally including the USA, Jamaica, Pakistan, Central America, Africa and the Philippines. Well-loved radio broadcaster on Omega KLAS Broadcasting Network, MC, Concert Host, Women’s Retreat Host and Promoter.

A very gifted and talented, anointed woman of God, a chef, designer, dress maker, event planner, decorator, former restaurant owner, HR Manager/spokesperson for a chain of Caribbean Restaurants, former mortgage broker for over 20 years and mentor.

Her motto: Each one reach/feed one, touching lives one person at a time and, if she can help someone as she journeys this earth, then her living shall not be in vain. Favorite scripture verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

More About Dr. Sharon Wiles

A very gifted and talented lady, a chef, designer, dress maker, event planner, decorator, former restaurant owner and manager/spokesperson for a chain of Caribbean Restaurant, former mortgage broker for over 20 years.

 Her motto is each one reach one, touching lives one person at a time and if she can help someone as she journeys this earth then her living shall not be in vain. Favorite scripture verse I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13